Take Advantage Of Dentemax Fee Schedule 2018

They aren’t quite there are Dentemax Fee Schedule 2018 a little bit different so again people need to educate themselves not only for their own circumstance but that’s they’re mentoring other folks who potentially have a different costs here and typically.

It’ll be a group a mentor to a group B men tee they’re going to be any changes to TRICARE for life they’re there or not and so I’ll go back here and I’ll spend a little bit more time here on the TRICARE for life slide so no no changes to TRICARE for life and for those you who don’t know.

What that is it’s really a Medicare wraparound coverage but it’s what is your entitlement after you turn and sometimes.

it’s a surprise to people and I know it was my parents because they up until they were there enrolled Tricare Prime at MTF and they’re paying.

There are five six seven dollars a year and then they turn all of a sudden they’re paying twice or three times that and so what happened well by law you you have to pay for Medicare Part B and which the cost it’s kind of it’s means-tested so.


You see that second bullet depending on how much you’re making you know #YouTube but it’s more than you were paying at is what it boils down to and you’re paying into Medicare and you pay nothing to TRICARE so. 

I always like informing people on that and since they asked a question.I appreciate you a little bitty disposable time on that no problem um another question is is this active as of October st yes I’m assuming that so.

it means October st maybe I’ll get your vacation in a second October st there’s no there’s no October st is not a date that that is in this briefing nothing happens on