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in the room dentemax  a skilled facilitator will know how to how to let that go just far enough to explore it without it getting out of hand and causing you know the meeting to be derailed so you want you want a facilitator that knows what they’re doing when we facilitate a retreat.

like this we generally introduce dentemax is the retreat the reason for the reason for being where we are we talk about how what the day is going to look like we talked about that the first piece is going to be the owner the main purpose of this is to get clarity around.


the vision and alignment around the vision of the business and so of course to do that we need to hear what that is and so very pretty quickly we get the owner up and we’re there but we kind of step out of the limelight we let them come in and conversationally talk.

through the new vision the vision that we’ve helped coach the owner on and a delivery of and so they do it and then we step back in to facilitate questions and concerns and we have that whole conversation then we design and exercise because.

the more involved your people dentemax the more engaged they are the better that they’ll do with this so we quickly do an exercise and we’ve got lots to choose from but the extra the purpose of the exercise is to basically test what did the group here in .

that vision discussion what what resonated strongly among everyone in the group so they’ll do things like get into teams and develop a team logo that represents the vision that we just discussed or the and they’ll put it on t-shirts and .

then I’ll model the t-shirts for us or they’ll create a work of art as if we’re in an art gallery and the work of art represents the vision and so what we’re doing is we’re making it fun and they’re having a good time in bonding with their team members but.

but we’re testing what did they get what did they get the key points that we were hoping everyone would get and that’s a way for us to test do we need to go back and revisit it a little bit more did we not get the clarity we were hoping for or did we and if we did which .

we usually did then we move on to the next piece which are some report outs from the different departments about where you are so what is the current state of the business so hygiene reports out the admin people report out and

they just give us this is where we are in relation to the things in the vision and then what that shows us is the gap what we call the gap the gap between where we are and where we’re going according to this vision and we spend the bulk of the day then working on strategies and