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Dental Insurance Florida with the what we’re doing in the procedure making sure Dental Insurance Florida  that you’re comfortable and you know once we get started I am the one or we are the ones that are assisting the doctor in the procedure in the entire time so that’s it’s a little bit Dental Insurance Florida .

different because hygienists they’re a little bit more independent you know they do a lot more independent work there with the patient you know sometimes I see the doctor when you have like a periodic checkup like okay I’ve got my teeth clean the doctor comes in look at your x-rays and your teeth and says oh nothing’s wrong with your teeth .

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Dental Insurance Florida oh you have a cavity you need to get this out and schedule something you know with us and then that’s when you’ll come to see me if you’re getting a filling or something so that’s pretty much you know the difference the dentists it is a high demand for dental assistants because it helps the doctors the dentist like work faster and efficiently and easier

we make their job easier innocence because you know sometimes we just hand them instruments like we we pretty much think for them in a way so know what the doctor is gonna meet next so I just hand them the instrument or hand then like the materials that they’re using and it’s just it just moves it right along it’s like a quick thing so so yeah

that’s what we do that next question so how long is typical training to become a dental assistant it varies for everyone there’s different programs out there different schools you can go to the schooling can range from like you know two weekends like two weeks to ten months or a year my program that I she was a ten-month program so it’s pretty much

a year you know like in the first seven months were pretty much in school like hard core learning about the materials learning about dental Anatomy head neck and we’re learning about